If you have ever relocated, you know the stress that comes along with it, whether it was a local move or even a global one. Move For Hunger has some great mistakes to avoid when moving.

1) Last Minute Packing is a big NO! Packing, itself, can seem like a full time job on top of everything else you have going on, but if you stay organized this will assist in less stress for the big day. You don't want the moving trucks to arrive and you are scrambling to throw items in a box. Plus, you don't want to forget anything. Best advice... start as early as you can with items that are out of season or already stored away, do a little bit each day so you are not overwhelmed and label every box. This way, everything is organized and ready to go when the truck pulls up to take your stuff.

2) Transfer your utilities before you move! You want to make sure you get to your new place and the lights and water are on and ready to go. Also, a good idea is to set up cable and internet before you arrive. Nothing worse than taking a break from unpacking to realize you can't watch your favorite TV show. If you’re moving out of state, you can use Moving.com’s Utility Providers tool, to compare prices.

3) Relocating is the perfect time to purge items you don't use or no longer need. No use in taking items that will just sit in a box in the new place. It also reduces the amount of boxes you’ll need, cuts packing time and will be cheaper in the long run. Host a garage sale, donate to charity or give items to friends and family.

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