It’s not only people who become stressed during times of relocating. Our four legged friends can become quite anxious during this time as well. According to the Animal Humane Society there are certain ways to make moving easier on the family pet. Tips include:

- Be sure your pet is micro-chipped and tags are updated. Instead of an address on the tag, opt for just a name and phone number. You don’t want an old address on a tag when your pet goes wandering off in your new location.

- Make sure you have documentation of your pet with you. This includes vaccination records, as well microchip numbers, license numbers, spay/neuter certificate, current vet’s phone number and a recent picture of your pet.

- Take your pet for a check up before moving to ensure they are in good health and can handle a move. Also, ask for recommendations on vets in your new area.

- Make sure your pet is safely secured while the movers are packing up your items. Designate an area, like a room that is “off limits” for the movers. Your pet may become anxious and become “spooked” or “startled” by the activity and noise and may bolt out the door. If you can, have a trusted friend or family member take your pet for the day.

- Don’t forget to pack a bag for your pet, including food, food bowls, water, water bowl, leash or harness, bed or kennel or crate and any medication your pet requires. A pet first-aid kid is also a good idea. Be sure to include something that is familiar to your pet, such as a blanket, toy or towel in that bag.

- If you can, take your pet with you in your own car for the move that is much better than strangers handling your pet.

- If you pet is not accustomed to traveling in the car, start getting your pet acclimated well before the move. If your pet doesn’t handle car rides easily, talk to your vet for some suggestions.

- A travel kennel, crate or doggie seat-belt is helpful for safety

- If airline transportation is required, be sure to research airline regulations thoroughly. Talk to your vet and take precautions to ensure safety.

- If overnight accommodations are needed, be sure to research which hotels accept pets. There are some hotels that do not charge additional fees for pets.

- If moving internationally, be sure to research health regulations or quarantines.

Moving with Pets